Pain & Anxiety Suite

Categories: Anxiety, Pain management
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About Course

This program combines evidence-based treatments to help you manage anxiety and chronic pain so you can regain control of your life. Chronic pain and anxiety are often much more than physical sensations. It is common for people to experience:

  • Tension in the body which contributes to distress
  • Fear that pain and sense of dread is taking over one’s life
  • Anger at oneself, others or the world
  • A sense of hopelessness
  • Frequent fear, worry or overthinking
  • Difficulty with sleep
  • Avoidance behaviours and social isolation

In this program you will:

This part of the program involves minimising the distress you experience by altering your relationship to pain and anxiety. We cannot always do something about a sensation, but it can be helpful to learn how to respond in a more empowering way.

In this component of the program we zoom out of the condition that appears to be dominating your life, and help you get in touch with your authentic values. We explore who you want to be, what is important to you, and how to make decisions that bring you closer to the things you really need.

In this part of the program, you will learn how to deal with worrying and overthinking. Using cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) exercises, you will gain a clearer and more empowering headspace.

Chronic pain and anxiety can trigger a whole range of feelings in us, from anger to self-hate to social anxiety. In this component, you will learn how to manage difficult emotions, bringing you closer to peace and happiness.

What you get with the program:

Content based on 10 sessions of psychotherapy (valued at $2500)
28 modules, each dealing with a different aspect of pain and anxiety
Downloadable guided meditations
Detailed action plans with exercises
Developed via pilot study through The Royal Women’s Hospital and The University of Melbourne

Frequently asked questions:

Our programs are carefully designed to include all of the benefits expected from face-to-face therapy, including:

  • Gaining insight into one’s problems or challenges
  • Learning effective and healthy ways to deal with thoughts and emotions
  • Learning new skills that can increase one’s confidence and wellbeing

Online interventions have some advantages over face-to-face therapy in that:

  • Clients can skip the waits between sessions and progress at their own pace
  • Clients can revisit the educational content of therapy whenever needed
  • Clients can avoid the anxiety of physically seeing a therapist and learn skills from the comfort of their own home

Our programs use evidence based treatment methods (e.g., CBT, ACT, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy). Research has shown that these methods are equally effective as pharmacological treatments for the management of chronic pain and anxiety.

The programs have been tested via clinical trial through The University of Melbourne in conjunction with The Royal Women’s Hospital. Participants experienced significant improvements in mood, self-efficacy and life satisfaction, as well as reduced pain and anxiety.

Our evidence-based program is co-designed with people experiencing chronic pain and anxiety, and has been tailored to the needs and preferences of patients. We take into account patients’ pain experiences, how pain impacts their lives, and the effective and non-effective treatments they have tried.

We utilise an audio based intervention, promoting a strong therapeutic bond between the narrator and consumer. The intervention also involves professionally curated soundscape of calming ocean effects to enhance relaxation and awareness.

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